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With the creation of Social Innovation Initiative Portugal in December 2014 Portugal was a pioneer in the European Union to channel a significant portion (about 150m euros) from the European Structural Funds of the new 2014 2020 programming cycle for the promotion of social innovation .Portugal Social Innovation intends to support Initiatives of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (IIES) thatThey are focused on a social mission tackling important and neglected problems of societyBe innovative because they are pioneering the global or national level or for being pioneers replicas regional social innovations validated impactHave a model that can be systematized and replicated in a broader context given the nature of the problem they address and the solution they proposeThey seek to measure and validate their impact in order to continually improve performance and mobilize more resourcesAdopt implementation strategies with mechanisms that promote economic sustainability through efficient resource mobilization revenue generation or savings in public spending.Projects with these characteristics are the main beneficiaries of the financing instruments to be developed by Portugal Inovacao Social whether from social economy entities or driven by independent entrepreneurs within the public administration or by social economy entities in many Cases in partnership logic.Portugal Social Innovation will also energize an ecosystem of partner entities that train finance and monitor these initiatives helping them to achieve a greater scale and impact.The Portuguese Social Innovation Mission Structure created by Council of Ministers Resolution No. 73 A / 2014 of December 16 and amended by Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 74/2016 of November 25 is the public entity Responsible for implementing this initiative.The Mission Structure is led by a Board of Directors composed of a president (Filipe Almeida) and two vowels (Teresa Bomba and Carla Pedro).It will be supported by a committee of advisers made up of representatives of some of the main entities of the public sector and the social economy.

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