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AsthmaMD is now distributed through 15000 Walgreens and CVS stores along with their Peak Flow Meter across US. AsthmaMD is the number one IOS Asthma management app on the market. AsthmaMD app MyAsthmaMD physician portal and AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter make up the asthma management platform with the goal of modernizing asthma care. It's partnered with leading researchers at UCSF. It enables users to track and manage their asthma and easily share their asthma trend with their physicians and medical practitioners. It's the number one recommend app by physicians and health IT reporters. AsthmaMD was the innovator of patient generated health data and its sharing the anonymous data with university researchers.

Human health & social work


Dimagi, Inc.

United States of America

Dimagi is a privately held social enterprise founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts USA. At Dimagi they believe that mobile solutions transform the efficiency quality and impact of service delivery programs globally. Their technology CommCare is an open source mobile data collection platform that enables anyone to build mobile applications. With CommCare can build a sophisticated and scalable mobile application at an affordable price.




N Frnds unleashes the reach of enterprises within global emerging markets through a range of powerful SaaS based solutions that can be accessed from any device even without mobile data. Based on groundbreaking technology protected by 20 patents our platform is easily adaptable and swiftly deployable to digitize financial and business processes across customer and supplier networks.



Push Doctor

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

It is a company which provides online doctor service with consultancy with all the kinds specialists.

Human health & social work




We use mobile technology to help reduce maternal & child mortality and detect developmental abnormalities in early stages.Totohealth enables mothers and fathers to receive targeted and personalized messages timed at their child's age or stage of pregnancy. These messages are able to highlight any warning signs in a child's health/development equip you with knowledge on nutrition reproductive health parenting and developmental stimulation.

Human health & social work