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Enterprise Childcare

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irela

Enterprise Childcare aims to be one of the leaders in the social enterprise sector. Established in 1991 it provides high quality flexible childcare support in community based venues to improve the lives of parents & carers and their children in Inverclyde and surrounding areas with funding obtained from self generated funds grants and prudent financial management.




United States of America

Founded in 1998 LIFT is a national nonprofit dedicated to ending intergenerational poverty. Since then we have helped 100000 low income individuals achieve their goals. Today we connect hardworking parents and caregivers of young children to the people tools and resources they need.LIFT operates in Chicago Los Angeles New York and Washington D.C. communities with some of the highest rates of concentrated poverty. By fostering relationships between low income parents and caregivers of young children (members) and dedicated volunteers (advocates) They help families build the personal well being social connections and financial strength to secure basic needs and achieve long term goals and aspirations like a safe home living wages or a better education.

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