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United States of America

Aliento invests in the leadership and the well being of undocumented youth and children impacted by detention deportation and unjust immigrant laws. Aliento has a holistic approach rooted in resilience and leadership. Aliento provides an art and organizing program for youth and children to build their leadership and uplift their voices. Through popular education and leadership development trainings Aliento creates a safe space where youth and children are trained to become agents of change in their communities. Aliento is reshaping the image of who immigrants are and shining light to the unheard voices of our society.

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BoxPower provides off grid communities with an affordable and convenient source of renewable energy generation. BoxPower's first product is a community scale renewable energy system packaged in a 20 foot shipping container. It consists of a solar array wind turbine diesel generator battery bank and intelligent energy management system which can be rapidly deployed using the container as a base and frame. BoxPower's vision is to reduce energy inequality worldwide by providing off grid populations with clean affordable and scalable energy infrastructure beginning with isolated communities on Native American reservations in the United States.





Women produce half of the world's food and are responsible for their family's well being yet they are often treated as second class citizens. According to the United Nations women's empowerment is one of the most important pathways to achieving the SDG goals. Mnandi helps rural woman combat poverty and malnutrition by empowering and equipping women with skills and knowledge in agriculture nutrition markets and technology assisting them access affordable and effective agro technology through an input sharing program and collectively purchase and sell goods and services. Mnandi's vision is to ultimately end hunger and poverty.Reduce poverty and malnutrition in rural women subsistence farmers by developing a fully mechanized community farm which equips and capacitates the women with the required tools and information.

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Web Neutral Project

United States of America

The Web Neutral Project offers a comprehensive certification program that neutralizes the carbon footprint of websites mobile applications and server reliant digital products. Not only does our certification neutralize the carbon footprint of your website. It also gives you a powerful message of sustainability you can emphasize when marketing your site.Our certification is a respected symbol of sustainability. Getting certified reflects your commitment to carbon neutrality and provides you with a powerful eco friendly message with which to promote your own site on your blog in your newsletter or in the press. On top of a 100% carbon neutral website certified organizations will receive a custom certified badge to match their website design a custom certification web page monthly sustainability reports and design suggestions to make your website more sustainable. Web Neutral Project also offers the industries only on site 100% solar powered hosting solutions.

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