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Power inverter Inc. is a leader among inverter manufacturer. Our main focus is creating the highest quality products. Power inverter Inc. is a china inverter company located in Shenzhen. Our company concentrates on inverter design and inverter manufacture. The main products are a hrefhttp//www.powerinverter.org/car inverter/a home inverter pure sine wave inverter 12v to 220v inverter and so on.The main function of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and to change the voltage level into a stable 120 or 240 VAC that can be used by household appliances or sold back to the utility grid. The word inverter was originally used because the output wave form produced by its circuits alternates between a positive and a negative voltage. This device inverts the polarity of the power source (typically a battery or PV array) causing the current to flow in alternating directions through the load. Hence the term alternating current.Our power inverter line has input voltages ranging from a hrefhttp//www.powerinverter.org/12v 24v home inverter applications.html12 volt power inverter/a 24 volt dc power inverter and 48 volt dc power inverter. You will find a complete line of industrial grade power inverters available in 12 volt 24 volt and 48 volts. Our industrial power inverters are built tough and ready for use in commercial applications. We also offers 220 50hz export power inverters. The Export power inverters that we offer are modified sine 220 50hz power inverters which are designed to be used in Africa and Europe. These 220 50hz power inverters are available in both 12 volt and 48 volt.


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