Getting Started

ImpactSpace API offers a simple way to request information from the ImpactSpace open data. It is a web service (REST - Representational State Transfer) that allows developers to access Investment Data.

Request an API Key

Please fill up the form by clicking the link below, for requesting an API key to gain access to ImpactSpace Dataset.

To get started, check out our Accessing the Dataset page.

Using the API

The ImpactSpace API is a Web service that enables approved developers to retrieve data from the ImpactSpace Dataset. For simple testing / inspection, the ImpactSpace Dataset can be accessed through any Web browser capable of displaying JSON. Developers, can easily write code for making use of the Dataset.


The ImpactSpace API uses token-based authentication, which means that developers must pass their individual user key parameter with every request.

An example request for the endpoint "Company" would read as follows:


The ImpactSpace API provides endpoints to retrieve the entire set and core properties of many of the important Node types in the ImpactSpace Dataset, as follows:

Node Type End Point
Companies /company
Financial Organizations /finorg
Supporting Organizations /suprog
Deals /deals
Investors /investor